Fitness Challenge to Build Mental Strength

Pillar (noun) – “firm upright support for a superstructure”
Humans are the ultimate superstructure. We need pillars in our life that keep us strong during tougher times. Science tells us that movement (exercise) is an excellent way to become physically stronger, but can we also use movement to build our mental strength because it’s this mental strength that is needed on those rainy days.
The Science
A study run-by the Division of Psychiatry in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital proved that “Exercise is moderately more effective than a control intervention for reducing symptoms of depression (…)  When compared to psychological or pharmacological therapies, exercise appears to be no more effective.”
In Laymon’s terms, Royal Edinburgh are claiming that depression can be treated just as well (if not a little bit better) by-going for a run than it does popping prescribed pills.*
“The pain you feel today will be the strength you need tomorrow.”
Fitness Challenge to improve both physical and mental strength
The Bring Sally Up Challenge- Made Famous by the RisingDragonSchool -is a daily challenge to do press-ups to the tune of “Bring Sally up”.
If you can give this a go every day-for 30 days, you should see three changes happening
  1. A stronger core
  2. A stronger mind
  3. You would’ve reset what “normal” is to you when doing planks!
*Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication
two women planking at the seashore

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