What is the mystical “Morning Person” and do we want to become one?

“The Morning Person”
(Urban Dictionary)
“That irritatingly happy person that has no need for coffee when they wake up. Generally, these people are a myth found only in Narnia, but every now and then one will escape and it is the job of the night people to coerce them back into the wardrobe.” 
If you are bored of trying to coerce Aslan the Lion back into the wardrobe at 6am, is it time to consider becoming a “morning person”? Is it possible to just become one or is there just not enough worms for every early bird to catch?
The Facts
We slept on average 7.9 hours a night in 1942
We now sleep 6.5 hours a night in 2018
The Science
If you go to sleep at 2am after watching back to back episodes of whatever late night movie/series of your choice, you will not become a morning person.
If you go to sleep when the sunsets and wake up when the sun rises, you will become a morning person.
7 Quick Tips from Mathew Walker (Sleep Expert) (Things we already know but still don’t do!)
  1. Put down your phone half an hour before you go to sleep (Sorry Whatsapp Groups!)
  2. The bedroom is for sleeping (…)*
  3. Keep a constant sleep schedule
  4. Keep your bedroom dark
  5. A hot shower before getting into a cold bed
  6. Don’t lie in bed awake
  7. Don’t drink Caffeine 12 hours before sleep
*I am sure you can find somewhere more fun…
Write down how you feel today when you woke up. Pick a couple of things above and try to be consistent with it for 7 days, see how you feel when that alarm goes off on day 7…
alarm clock analogue bed bedroom

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