How to reset your normal and beat Mary from Marketing



On 24th July 1908, Johnny Hayes (A Sporting Goods Store Manager from New York City) came bounding down the finish straight towards Windsor Castle at the London marathon to set a New Marathon World Record of 2:55:18

110 years on the World Record sits at 2:01:39 (Eliud Kipchoge 16/9/2018) and good age group runners are beating good ol’ Johnny’s time.

Marathons are fast becoming normalized. As another email to fundraise an un-achievable charitable target circulates our corporate offices for the 12th time this week. This time it is Mary from marketing trying to gather together enough of your hard earned to justify her starting spot on London marathon. She’s hoping that the strange IT guy with non-matching socks offers a tenner, not because he is awe of the 26.2 painful miles she is about to undertake but in the faint hope that she will finally agree to that drink he has been trying to hopelessly hint at since she broke up from Dave in Sales.

Eluid has reset the normal in marathon running and I am sure we are close to that famous Sub 2, but what can we do on a daily basis to reset our normal just like Mary from Marketing.

Two great quotes to write down and revisit daily if we want to reset your “normal”?

“You are the average of the five people you spend your most time with” – Jim John

 “Good is the death of great” – Unknown


Consider what the above means to you, write them down somewhere that is visible on a daily basis (I recommend somewhere you’ll read them before you leave for the day) and see how your mindset has moved in the next 7 days.


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